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Masseria Ferrari

Trullo Casedda for 5 guests is composed of two bedrooms (doubleroom + triple room), bathroom, kitchen and living/dining room.

The renovations and restores have preserved the natural beauty of these old stone dwellings, respecting the trulli architectural style and the original plant of the property. Thick walls provides a cool environment even in hot season so that you could enjoy the relax and peace of the countryside. The Arte Povera style with wrought iron furnitures, the famous ceramics of Grottaglie and the original drapes make these old rural homes elegants and comfortables.

A brief history description ...
Originally, this part was the residence of "massaro". Usually he wasn't the landlord of the property, but trusted person able to manage and administer the farm company and the entire farmers community. The environments are distinguished by the breadth of cones, the beauty of floors and obviously for the presence of fireplace used for cooking and to heat the home.

trullo vault roman arch
triple room wrought iron bed
arte povera dining room
living room
bedroom in rural trullo dwelling
conical stone roof
wall exposed stone
wood stove burning
bathroom with shower
plant of resort masseria ferrari